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GUI 26: Noreña Janssen, Carolina et al.: PLATYHELMINTHES

Rhabdocoela: Typhloplanidae

The phylum Platyhelminthes is a major clade of worms, with about 29,000 species (after Zhang, 2011). It includes animals with diverse lifestyles, but a majority are parasites, grouped within the Neodermata. The free-living species inhabit marine, freshwater, brackish and terrestrial environments and form the paraphyletic “Turbellaria”, with about 6,500 described species in three main clades: Catenulida, Macrostomorpha and Rhabdocoela.

Within the Rhabdocoela, Typloplanidae occurs all over the world and is one of the most species-rich families.

Identification Guides to the Plankton and Benthos of Inland Waters, Volume 26
Coordinating editor: H.J.F. Dumont

2017,  IV+274 pp., 16x24 cm

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Artikelnr.: 978-3-8236-1739-6
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