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Band 108: Schmitt, Julia: Value Chains of Non-Wood Forest Products from Western China

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Non-wood forest products (NWFPs) serve as subsistence food, cash crops and as a ‘safety net’ for the rural poor around the world. They are especially important in China, which is the largest NWFP producer, processor and trader in the world, with millions of small-scale farmers participating in these value chains. 

Utilization and trade of NWFPs contribute in multiple ways to the development and economic growth of participating small-scale farmers. By selling collected or produced NWFPs, farmers become part of a value chain that links them to consumers on local, national, international or ethical/alternative markets. These different markets have very different influences on a farmer’s livelihood. 

This book is concerned with the extent to which farmers are able to participate in and benefit from involvement in different NWFP value chains. Linkages between markets and small-scale farmers in local, national and international, as well as alternative value-chains are compared to reveal which approaches are more beneficial for farmers and therefore justify support from consumers and development partners.

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Kommunikation und Beratung, Band 108
ISSN 0947-0352
2013;  XVI + 232pp.; 19 ills.;  21 x 15 cm cm; paper

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Artikelnr.: 978-3-8236-1658-0
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