Waste Water Management in Vietnam – Training-of-Trainers & Workshops

In brief

25 trainers and experts, nominated by the Association of Vietnamese Water Suppliers and selected by GIZ, were supposed to become part of a «pool of trainers». In the program, these trainees will received an introduction 

  • to the methodical and didactical skills to work as a self-responsible trainer;
  • about how to act as a multiplying person for the problems and chances of a country-wide provision of waste water services;
  • to the related questions of a cost recovery of the waste water sector

The training program was divided into two major parts. The first one was consisting of 4 «Training of Trainers (ToTs)». The goal was to train participants in didactical and methodical regards and thus to enable them to work as trainers in the waste-water field themselves. 

The second part consisted of two workshops, practical demonstration lessons and in the development and the practical implementation of three new manuals on financing aspects of the waste water sector in Vietnam: Financial Management; Asset Management; Cost Covering Tariffs for Waste-Water Services.

The virtual platform

... was dedicated for the trainees to get into contact with each other, with the course administration at GIZ, with the face-to-face trainer and with the online moderators.

Every training has been described and every hand-out which was mentioned in one of the trainings, as well as the new developed manuals on «Financing the waste-water sector» was available for download here. 

The platform offered the following tools:

  • Images & Impressions (Photos and participants voices from every of the seven sessions);
  • Overall Concept (Description of the methodical approach, updated after every training session);
  • ToTs & WORKSHOPS (Handouts and agenda for every session);
  • Download (additional reading for the trainees and, most crucial, the new developed manuals);
  • Group (each trainee could independently edit his/her own photo, e-mail address, phone-number and the company / institution, function, professional level and experience in training activities);
  • Forum (allowed the exchange among the participants and offered a Question/Answer service)
  • Assessment (GIZ-internal profile, updated after every training contained details about the performance, strengths and weaknesses of every individual trainee)

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