Study «Needs to strengthen the competences in the sector of rural assassination in Morocco »

In brief

Within the overall framework of the GIZ project CESAR (Employment creation in the area of rural water water management and sanitation in Morocco) a study is implemented. This study shall list the current status-quo of formation, evaluate the most urgent needs and from there propose a schedule of measurements for a sustainable training and capacity-building concept in rural Morocco.

The study consists of these four parts:

  • Analyse of the current situation
  • Identification of the needs
  • Evaluation of the chances and opportunities
  • Training concept

The platform

Functions in the public section are:

  • Download of the various presentations and reports produced during the mission;
  • Partners: Their competencies and the possibilities for a potential collaboration with them;
  • Resources: List (and download) of already existing reports and studies, written by the partners

Internal section

The password protected section allows these possibilities to steer the project:

  • Questionnaires: Interactive form to capture the interviews with selected partners and to evaluate the results;
  • Blog: Ongoing short report about the progress of the project.

Startpage of the project

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