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Costs of an eLearning course

The implementation of e-Learning courses or Blended Learning courses is usually much more time-consuming and expensive than a conventional classroom training. Soon after multiple course runs, the return of investment starts to show (through time savings, higher student numbers, reduced travelling ...).

One can use the following formula to calculate the total cost of both face-to-face training and e-Learning:

Total Cost  =  Fixed Cost  +  Variable Cost  x  No. of Participants

Margraf Publishers divides the courses into «Modules» to make them comparable. Each module is 2 weeks long and consists of up to ten lessons (each of the lessons contains 6-10 pages). The modules compromises an multiple-choice test and at least one on-line webinar.

The costs per module for providing and maintaining the technical infrastructure, the participant’s accreditation and the presence of the tutors is currently approximately € 4,500.-

This amount refers to an existing technical and content infrastructure, all copyrights, expert and didactical content, and approx. 90-100 participants. Parts of the above mentioned costs per participant can be least diminished by asking a donor organisation or another project partner to pay the needed fees for a certain number of participants.

This is a very feasible option because Margraf Publishers is able to provide a full service package including the content, the copyrights, the trained tutors, the Learning Management System and the certificates.