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Overview on current eLearning Courses

The course content is being developed by international experts. To use the text for an e-Learning, they have to be edited in didactical manners and for the use in a technical framework (LMS) on the internet.

Margraf Publishers  and their regional and international partners use an approach which stores all elements of an e-Learning course (content, media, layout, communication tools) in separate «containers». This enables the course content to be up-dated very quickly according to new developments and regional requirements.

The course system is based on an Open-Source «Content Management System» (Typo3). This modular system makes it possible to integrate also other learning management systems, such as for example the «Global Campus GC21» of GIZ, MOODLE, coursera or almost every other system.

We currently offer these courses:

  • Managing Water Utilities
    [A sequence of three courses, based on the content of the Water-Impact Guidebooks and mainly dealing on the management of the human resources and the practical maintenance issues of water utilities]
  • New Sanitation Systems & Technologies
    [Basing on the «Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies» of eawag aquatic research. The course displays sanitation systems for a semi-rural/urban environment and the techniques which are used for these systems]
  • ICT for Water Utilities
    [This eLearning explains some basics of Information Technologies and how to practically use mobile devices (like smartphones) in the daily work of water suppliers in developing countries in Africa]
  • Sector Governance in Urban Sanitation
    [Emphasis of this course is not on technical solutions but on organizational, economical and financial aspects of sanitation and the institutional framework which needs to be considered when planing for sustainable sanitation systems]
  • Application of Water Governance
    [This Awareness Course targets senior and middle managers from all sector players including the local governments, the de-concentrated units of the Ministry, Civil society organisations and NGOs, the Private Sector and members from Development Agencies in the Water Sector. Commented practical examples enrich the content]
  • NRW Management
    [The training course gives an overview of Non-Revenue Water (NRW), which is a major utility performance gap and the main reason for very high water losses in urban water supply systems. The course will enhance the capacity of decision makers and senior managers in the water sector to understand NRW concepts in order to make the most efficient, effective and equitable use of investments in water supply.]
  • Career Counseling in the MENA-region
    [The E-Learning course «Introduction to Career Counseling – Instruments and Procedures» wants to accompany you on your way to becoming a professional career counselor. As career counselor you will have to perform a responsible and multidimensional task, working closely with many different people, their biographical situation and especially with their specific problems] 
  • e-Tutor (Training for Trainers)
    [Useful facts to highlight the learning habits during online learnings, technical basics and participants support and motivation and a guideline (Standard Operation Procedures) for the trainers in eLearnings. This course is the online part of a «Blended Learning»]

Factsheet eLearning

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